Body parts and five senses hangman (2º Primaria)

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Food hangman (3º Primaria)

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Food hangman (1º Primaria)

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Unit 5 – Professions (6º)


Complete the following chart about a famous dead person individually. Find on webpages the information you don’t know.

After that, prepare a fictional interview with a classmate about that famous person or another one. The questions and answers must be in past tense. Here you are some examples:

What was your name?

What did you do?

Where did you live?

What was your profession?

Did you do other important things?

Did you have any hobbies?

Animals wordclouds

Wordcloud by Wordle:





Wordcloud by Tagxedo:


Merry Christmas!!

Find a Christmas greeting through this QR code:


Christmas webquest and games

You have to complete the following questionnaire about Christmas.

You will find all the answers looking on these webs:

Christmas explanation with audio and pictures

Christmas memory game

More Christmas words and definitions

Put Christmas sentences in order

Complete sentences related to Christmas

Text: Christmas Day in the UK

Text: Christmas



Once you finish you can…


  • Watch more videos and do some activities related to them:

Christmas shopping in London

Christmas shopping in India


  • Play more games:

Spell the word

Create your wordsearch and find the words

Wordsearch with Christmas presents

Whose present?

Counting money

Sugar Christmas

Present stacker

Easy swap puzzle

Swap puzzle

Run, Santa, run!

Snowball shoot

The reindeer orchestra

Make the lights work

Santa’s flight

Find the differences

Christmas breakout

Christmas candies

Ornaments’ throw

Clear the level

Kawaii Christmas



Complete the recipe

Complete the instructions for this recipe:

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Have got sentences and description

Practice some sentences with ‘have got’ and then complete a text.

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Food hangman (6º Primaria)

Try to find these words related to food!
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